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Hi~ Ashley here,
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hi everyone. I think my blog doesn't have any readers anymore since it is so dead! (>.<) Anyway, still have to say 'Hi' in case there has one or two of my die heart fans here. haha XD And saying 'Hi' is kind of good manner ok? Mummy teach me since I was young. haha XD

I think there has no one wan to listen my grandmom story abt whr I had been, what I did recently. I just can tell everyone here that I m so lifeless recently and the FYP is so annoy and make me feel more lifeless. (=.=)

Okies. Today, I am here to greet everyone Happy Chinese New Year and may you all have a prosperous year. Everyone stay healthy and wealthy. Hehe.. For me, I wish my cgpa can go up instead of slip down (T.T), more money come to me ($.$), can graduate smoothly (^.^), and sweet sweet love with my baby (>.^)! Hoho..

Today is the 1st of dragon year.
So... Outfit for today. =) Red ReD RED! Huat ar!!XD

One close shoot. =D

 Decorate by my dad n mum.. LOL!

 Happy Family!!

 My house looks so red in the dark. LOL.

Alright!! One more time!!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hey Guys and Babes~ I m BACK!!! Photobucket was dead for so long man~
Today, I m moving here again to make it alive. Hehe~

Feel curiousy? Why I didnt update my blog so long time? Do anyone miss my update!? *Errr.. I dun think so.. Lol~

Fyi, working is totally no life! I am totally agree what I read in FB today.
 In the 4 months back, I was experienced the "REAL" working world in DHL. It is an international express and logistics company. I did my internship training in the Shared Service Center in PJ. Everyday travel from Sg long to PJ. Is a tough mission actually. Traffic JAM everywhere during peak hours in Klang Valley.

When the time I did my internship, I was like lifeless. Everyday go work early in the morning, sit sit sit and face face face the computer for 7hrs. When home, after dinner, I was just spent my time to watch drama and wait the time to sleep. LOL! Besides, I can only go for date and shopping during weekends.

No one date me out after work and I am always have transportation problem! ISH!! Some-more, I am staying at a place that far far away from my frens.. Who gonna date me out and send me backat the late nite!! That's why.... Sien~~

Although working life makes me feel lifeless, I will still feel happy because money will go into my bank account every month. Wee~~ I can go for shopping after that. Haha..

Besides, I am quite enjoy my life in office some times. Cause it is fun to work with them. Always eat.. haha XD "M" for Malaysia Team and also stand for "M"akan. Haha XD That's y our team always had makan-makan session. Haha XD

Showing you all some photos:
My working table. =D

One Malaysia right? haha XD
Our interns' masterpiece for DHL Human Resource Operation Department.

Dinner with colleagues at Tony Romes. NICE!!

It's Friday. Casual Day! ^^v

My team members. ^^

A good Friday night @ Celcius with my Babes! (>.^)
Keep in touch yo~

Alright.. My sweet 21st Birthday post will be the next post.
Stay Tune~ ^^


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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello peeps..
Gonna fly to Sarawak tmr.
Do miss me ya. (>.^)


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello~ Another update. Don't know what to say.. So, this post mainly is pic. Hehe~

Baby and my very first pair of Nike Shoe... Hehe~ Get it at shoe fair@Mid Valley.

And went to cut hair just now. Hehe.. But got people said nt much different.. T_T

More layers and a bit short..

Tmr gonna back to KL.
Gonna meet the Orang Utan(Sarawak) on this Sat.


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Monday, May 16, 2011

So FAIL! So FAIL!! I abandon my blog for 3 MONTHS! Such a fail things.. I never been abandon my blog for so long time. This is my first time and also my last time! So sorry to my readers.. Make you all disappointed. In this 3 months, I m busy with my bloody assignments, interfaculty society event, and the killing exams! My assignments and exams are getting tougher and tougher. My final year is coming on this June. This time, I do not need to face my lecture notes, assignments and final exams.. But! I need to face the real working world. I m going to start my internship training on 30 May at DHL which loacted in Menara Axis, PJ. I hope I can handle all the task that they give me. (>.<) Think of the first day.. Going alone and start working in an unfamiliar environment.. Make me feel nervous!! =S

For those who born in 1990, they will turn to 21 years old this year. =.= No doubt.. What I gonna to say is ALL my friends are going to turn to 21 years old. Not "going to" is some already turn to 21 years old. My wallet is pain and bleeding from begin of the year and will till end of this year.. Gosh~~ (>.<) So, in this 3 months, I already attended a few birthday parties.

29/01/2011-Elywn's birthday@his house. Attended with uni frens

07/03/2011 - My baby's birthday - Celebrate at 叹茶屋@Tmn Segar, Cheras. With 19.

12/03/2011- Interfaculty uStar Singing Competition @ PJ Campus.
The 2nd runner up and us.. hehe.. Proud of Sg Long campus.

08/04/2011- Henry's birthday @ Elcerdo

09/04/2011- Lee May's birthday @ her house.

30/04/2011-CC's birthday @ Blue dragon,Tmn Cheras

Okies.. All these are the birthday that I attended.. More to come.. LOL..

Forget all about the sad, look forward and accept it. Enjoy my holidays.. =D

More update is coming.. Stay tune.. ^^

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I just notice that, the crows on the road, in the malls, restaurants, cafes and cinemas on Valentine's day are same with other season festivals. SO MANY PEOPLE!!! First time I see this kind of crowed except from New Year and Xmas celebration. All people are queue up for dinner and movie.. This year is my second valentine's day but it is my very 1st celebration at outside. The 1st valentine's day was crash with Chinese New Year. So, we unable to celebrate together. Due to this reason, this year my Darling make my day full with activities. Hehe~ He planned to bring me out for dinner and movie after that. Because of we have class in the early morning, so we didn't go to see night view. We back home after movie.^^

Darling brought me to dinner at The Ships.
Appertizer : Seafood soup with smoked salmon salad.
Main course : Grilled salmon, squid, tiger prawn and fried scallop with fruit salad, corn n baked potato as side dishes. 
Dessert : Chocolate cake.
Thank Darling for the meal. *love*

After dinner, we went to watch Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. We were late for half an hours. T_T Jam on the road and late finish the dinner. (>.<)

Darling told me that he will give me a little surprise on the day. I thought just a small one might be. Because he already bought me a watch before Valentine's day. hehe..
 A watch from Nose. hehe. Nice.. I like it.

The snowie toy and the 3 roses. Are the little surprise from my Darling. Hehe.. The 2 bear are the gift from The Ships. ^^ White and Brown.
Thank Darling for everything. ^^ 
I like the snowie so much.. Hehe..

The Valentine's day gift for my Darling. A sling bag from Padini. Hope he like it. ^^ I hang my watch at his bag for snap a photo. Wahaha XD

Last, I love you, Darling!
I say it, I mean it.

Time makes thing change,
Time make us fall more to each other.
Time makes us become mature, 
Time make our love growth.
Time make our love become strong,
Time shows our love to everyone.

p/s: Thank Darling for so much love and caring.
Will hold you tight and wont let you go.
Forever *Heart*

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year to you all in advance.
Wish you all have a great day~

I like Chinese New Year personally because I can get some extra pocket money in a red packets, enjoy my CNY shoppings, a lot of CNY biscuit and mandarine to eat, and the most important one is I can gather with all my cousins and friends~ Every year ion during this time, my house will full with red's decorations. Haha XD All done by my parents. They make the house looks more CNY. Haha XD

I m here to show off as well. XD

 Mummy stick a pair of little bunny at my bedroom's door. ^^

 Part of my living room.

Mummy stick this near to the door. "出入平安"

Outside of my house. ^^ Mummy's favourite. "花开富贵" Lol~

Some accessories are hanging at my front door. =)

My house looks so red at night. o.O

Mummy's masterpiece. Haha XD 

At last, wish you all enjoy the moment with your family,
and for those who haven home yet, drive safely.
Gong Xi Fat Cai,

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